Plush toys are a type of toy made of fabric and filled with soft stuffing. Several companies have produced officially licensed Amanchu! plush toys, mostly as tie-in merchandise for the anime series.


Froovie (フルービー, a portmanteau of "from movie") is a company which specialises in merchandise based on TV, movies, and video games.

Advisor Cha Plush ToyEdit

Advisor Cha Plush Toy (ちゃ顧問ぬいぐるみ) is a 27cm tall plush toy of Cha in a sitting position released by Froovie on September 26th, 2016 with a retail price of around ¥4,000 (approximately $37 USD).

Ohime Plush ToyEdit

Ohime Plush Toy (お姫ぬいぐるみ) is a 16cm tall plush toy of Ohime in a sitting position released by Froovie on January 19th, 2017 with a retail price of around ¥1,600 (approximately $11 USD).

Cha and Ohime Plush Toy MascotsEdit

Advisor Cha Plush Toy Mascot (ちゃ顧問ぬいぐるみマスコット) and Ohime Plush Toy Mascot (お姫ぬいぐるみマスコット) are a set of two plush toy keychains featuring Cha and Ohime respectively. Cha measures around 10.5cm and was released on August 22nd, 2016. Ohime measures around 8.5cm and was released on January 19th, 2017. Both retailed for ¥1,600 each (approximately $11 USD).

SEGA UFO Catcher PrizesEdit

SEGA UFO catcher prizes are available exclusively in SEGA branded UFO catcher machines for a limited time.

Nesoberi Nuigurumi SetEdit

Nesoberi Nuigurumi (寝そべりぬいぐるみ) are a range of 16cm long stackable plush keychains in a laying down pose which are produced by SEGA. The Amanchu! range of nesoberi nuigurumis includes Hikari Kohinata, Futaba Ooki, Cha, and Ohime. They were added to SEGA UFO catcher machines in October 2016.

Mega Jumbo Nesoberi Nuigurumi ChaEdit

Mega Jumbo Nesoberi Nuigurumi "Cha" (メガジャンボ寝そべりぬいぐるみ"ちゃ") is a 40cm long nesoberi nuigurumi plush of Cha which was released in SEGA UFO catcher machines in December 2016.

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