Peter (ピーター) is a supporting character in the Amanchu! series. He is a ghost who haunts Yumegaoka High School.

Urban Legend[]

Peter's legend states that he was abandoned at a temple shrine as a newborn baby, where he likely died. From then onward he existed only in dreams, in which somehow other dreamers would appear inside his dream and get lost there. He realised that all the dreamers had something in common - they wanted to stop time and remain as they were. As he learned more and more about the people who populated his dreams the town in the dream grew bigger and his outward appearance grew with it until he gained his final appearance, that of a teenage boy. The original baby remained as a statue in the shrine.[1] Since his dream world was created it had always been slowly been filling up with water, produced by the baby’s tears. As new people populated the dream world the land mass would grow and the water level would drop - but as the number of visitors began to dwindle Peter realised that soon people would be unable to visit because of the deep water and the dream world would close up. It was then that Peter decided to cross over into the real world and spirit away living people by force in order to populate his world.[2]

After becoming malevolent Peter began to prey on school age children and teenagers who are most likely to become nostalgic about their school life on significant days like school festivals or graduation, and is known to haunt Yumegaoka High School in particular. Peter seeks out students who are alone on school grounds and expressing that they don’t want their happy school life to end, and then offers his hand to them, at which point he attempts to spirit them away. His attempt can be stopped if he and the student are found by another person before he has made the student pass over into the dream world.[3]


Mato Katori first met Peter on the evening before her middle school graduation, when he appeared to her in a dream, sensing that she did not wish to not graduate. From that day she would visit him in the dream world he inhabits often, and it was she who gave him the name "Peter", based on the character Peter Pan, the protagonist of her favourite story who was also a boy who never wanted to grow up and would whisk other children away to Neverland to be children forever. Peter explained to her that the dream world he exists in can only exist as long as dreamers are inhabiting it, and as the number of dreamers visiting his world decreases the world begins to flood with water. As the world became more and more flooded, Peter told Mato of his plan - he would enter the real world and spirit people away into his dream world in order to save it from being overtaken by the flood. Mato insisted that to do so was wrong, and at that point Peter severed contact with her and Mato was never able to see him again whenever she visited the dream world, no matter how hard she tried - he would always fly away in his floating ship. It was at this stage that Peter became a malevolent spirit which began trying to spirit away children from Yumegaoka High School to populate his dream world.[2]

In the second season of Amanchu, it was revealed that Towano sensei was baby Peter, who was abandoned at the shrine for a short time. After his cries, his mother took him back and grew up to become a teacher working at Yumegoka Highschool. Towano had a vague recollection of his time in Neverland, regarding them as forgotten dreams until one day he remembered, with the help of Ai Ninomiya. Ai reassures Mato Katori that Peter will never lead people away from the real world to Neverland ever again.


Amanchu - Peter Chibi (manga).png

Peter's real world appearance was once that of a newborn baby until that baby passed away. In the dream world his appearance changed and physically grew up as he learned about inhabitants of the dream world until he settled upon his final appearance - that of a teenage boy. From that stage his physical appearance stopped changing and he always appears as a teenage boy, no matter how many real-world years have passed. As a teenage boy Peter is 175cm tall, and he has violet eyes and black hair which hangs low over his eyes. He wears the Yumegaoka High School uniform - sometimes the full gakuran, but often just the white shirt underneath it which he wears partially unbuttoned.

In his chibi form, he is smiling and his eyes are closed and slanted downwards like common depictions of kitsune spirits, most likely to highlight his mischievous nature.

Appearances by Chapter / Episode[]


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