Figurines are a type of statuette. Several companies have produced officially licensed Amanchu! figurines, mostly as tie-in merchandise for the anime series.


A figure of Hikari Kohinata produced by the company Aquamarine released in January 2019. The figure is around 21cm tall and retailed for around ¥12,800 (approximately $115 USD). The figure features Hikari in an orange bikini and blue jean shorts tying her hair in a ponytail. Cha and Ohime are by her feet on a base decorated to resemble sand.


A figure of Futaba Ooki produced by the company Flare (フレア) released in April 2017. The figure is around 31cm tall and retailed for around ¥12,000 (approximately $110 USD). The figure is a recreation of the cover of Amanchu! Volume 2, and features Futaba with pinkish-red hair while wearing a bathing suit and flippers and holding an oxygen tank. A lion fish floats behind her. The base is painted to resemble the seafloor.


A 1/7 scale figure of Ai Ninomiya produced by company Phat and distributed by Good Smile Company released in December 2018. The figure is approximately 22cm tall and retailed for around ¥13,800 (approximately $125 USD). The figure features Ai in her signature double bathing suit outfit with a wet suit hanging low off her legs. Instead of a circular stand, the figure is standing on a stand made of of artificial rock and coral.

SEGA UFO Catcher Premium FiguresEdit

A set of two figures of Hikari Kohinata and Futaba Ooki released exclusively as prizes in SEGA UFO Catcher machines. The Hikari figure was released on December 2016, and the Futaba Ooki figure was released a month later in January 2017. Each figure is approximately 20cm tall and comes with a white circular stand featuring the blue Amanchu! logo.

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