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Aria (ありあ), known by most of the characters as Cha (ちゃ) or Advisor Cha (ちゃ顧問 Cha-Komon) due to the sound he makes, is a side character in the Amanchu! series. He is a cat that resides in Yumegaoka High School.


Cha is first seen in chapter 1 of the Amanchu! manga. Cha is owned by the The Principal of Yumegaoka High, but is a free-roaming outside cat who spends most of his time around the members of the Diving Club who he follows anywhere they go, including outside of school grounds on car trips. When Hikari Kohinata and Futaba Ooki first met him, Hikari mistook him for the diving club advisor, and refered to him as Advisor Cha (ちゃ顧問 Cha-Komon) thereon after. Anywhere Cha goes he finds something fun to do, be that bothering the diving club members or making his own entertainment by rolling around. After the principal adopted the stray cat Ohime, Cha became her protector, and he dedicated himself to making sure she wasn't in any danger.

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Aria has white fur, brown ears, and a brown and white striped tail. He has blue eyes, a short muzzle, and the bottom part of his head is wider than the top. Aria is actually quite skinny, and his ears seem to droop down. He also has two light-brown circles at the top of his head which resemble eyebrows.

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Cha and Hikari

Hikari and Aria

Aria is a very friendly cat, and also a bit of a masochist. He's not shy at all, and approaches students when he feels like it. He likes to climb students' bodies and ride around on their head or shoulder. Cha is in love with Ohime, and he's described as her "knight", because he often takes care of her, making sure she's not hurt. Cha is afraid of water.

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