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Amanchu! is the story of two girls; the introverted and shy Futaba Ooki, and the extroverted and eccentric Hikari Kohinata. Together, the two girls join their high school's Diving Club where they make new friends and brighten up each others' world. Amanchu! began as a manga series written and illustrated Kozue Amano. The manga began serialization in November 2008 in Monthly Comic Blade magazine, where it is still ongoing. The series has been adapted into an anime series which premiered in July 2016, and was renewed for a second season which began airing in April 2018. The series is simulcast in English on Crunchyroll.

Icons - manga - Hikari Kohinata
Icons - manga - Futaba Ooki
Icons - manga - Ai Ninomiya
Icons - manga - Makoto Ninomiya
Icons - manga - Mato Katori
Icons - manga - Kino Kohinata
Hikari Kohinata Futaba Ooki Ai Ninomiya Makoto Ninomiya Mato Katori Kino Kohinata
Icons - manga - Cha
Icons - manga - Ohime
Icons - manga - Kokoro Misaki
Icons - manga - Peter
Icons - manga - Akane Mizunashi
Icons - manga - Chizuru Himeno
Cha Ohime Kokoro Misaki Peter Akane Mizunashi Chizuru Himeno
Icons - manga - Kodama Kohinata
Icons - manga - Kotori Misaki
Icons - manga - Hayate Kohinata
Icons - manga - Mamoru Towano
Icons - manga - Principal
Kodama Kohinata Kotori Misaki Hayate Kohinata Mamoru Towano The Principal
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